Current Ph.D. students

Chris Fallin

Research focus: A novel compiler optimization framework that leverages high-level semantic information about common data structures (e.g., lists, maps, etc.) to perform aggressive automatic parallelization of applications written in general-purpose languages (e.g., Java). (Co-advised with Phil Gibbons.)

Prashanth Menon

Research focus: Developing new compiler optimization techniques within the Peloton DBMS to fully exploit modern hardware features (e.g., prefetching, SIMD and thread parallelism, etc.).  (Co-advised with Andy Pavlo.)

Pratik Fegade

Research Focus: A novel compiler optimization framework that uses high-level semantic information about graphs to perform aggressive optimizations.  (Co-advised with Phil Gibbons.)

Dominic Chen

Research focus: Leveraging hardware support for fast in-memory versioning to improve performance. (Co-advised with Phil Gibbons.)

Ziqi Wang

Research focus: Novel uses of page overlays.

Former Ph.D. Students

Gennady Pekhimenko

Thesis title: Practical Data Compression for Modern Memory Hierarchies.
Currently: Faculty at University of Toronto.

  • Amit Manjhi
  • Shimin Chen
  • Chris Colohan
  • Angela Demke Brown
  • Antonia Zhai
  • J. Gregory Steffan
  • Chi-Keung Luk